Thursday, June 9, 2016

Why Wearing a Uniform Has Saved My Life

Click-bait! Such a genius writing model to come out of this whole Internet obsession thing. Thanks, Obama. Speaking of whom, it's Thursday night, and I'm sitting in bed waiting for Jimmy Fallon to start because I have a feeling it'll be a great show with Obama on it tonight.

In the meantime, I know you guys are all DYING to hear an update on how this work uniform is going. Do I like it? Have I bought more dresses? Is my life magical and wonderful now? And what have I been doing with ALL my extra time now that I'm not spending multiple minutes standing in my closet trying to figure out what tops match which bottoms. Well, let me tell you. It's been two months now, and life is magical.

Has my life changed drastically? No, I can't say that "drastic" is the right word. But the subtle changes and thoughtlessness have been wonderfully freeing. In short, YES, I'm super glad I've made this choice, and I plan to keep it up for the rest of the summer. Here's a list of reasons why it's been so great:

  • Reallocating time in the morning from spending it in my closet to spending it either sleeping or making breakfast.
  • Not waking up and knowing I have a very hard decision to make every morning.
  • Purging my closet and dresser of items I'll never wear again, or, frankly, just don't need.
  • I enjoy my other clothes again now that I only see them on the weekends.
  • Less clutter in my room now that I don't have clothes scattered about waiting to be either hung up or deemed laundry
  • Less clutter means less time spent cleaning up my room at the end of the week, and therefore less time getting down on myself for letting my room get messy.

    • (I CANNOT stress this one enough!! This has been the most unexpected change so far. Being the only human in my house means I am in charge of all the chores all the time. There's no one else around to take on the dishes or the laundry for me, so, the fewer chores I create for myself the better. I never realized how much of a burden tidying up was when I had clothes piling up on the dresser. It's so refreshing to walk into a neat and orderly bedroom every night knowing there isn't one more chore to complete before bedtime.) 
  • Not spending money shopping because I feel pressure about having a stale repertoire of clothes is great for my budget. 
    • No one was actually pressuring me, but social convention requires a woman to have a revolving door of new, fresh clothing items and not to repeat outfits too often. Think I'm kidding? Here's an article pointing out every time Kate Middleton has re-worn dresses. Apparently people really pay attention to this. This is a ridiculous social notion on several levels (fiscally, environmentally, glutton-iously, I could go on...), but I feel it just as much as most women out there. The uniform has done a nice job of letting me off the hook. 

So there you go! I'm loving the uniform, I plan to keep it up, and I'm already starting to think about what my cold-weather version will look like.

Have you started a uniform? Do you have more questions about mine? Leave me a comment below!

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