Monday, January 18, 2016

Odyssey in Oz: Photos from the Great Barrier Reef

Hooray! The time has come! I am finally able to see the photos from the Great Barrier Reef! The USB is in the shape of an adorable Nemo, and now I get to share the highlight with you! So, here we go!

Dela and I were so excited!

Here's the other boat that went out. Ours looks similar, although ours was a bit smaller. Notice how flat the water is. This is about an hour off shore, and yes, it stayed just as smooth the whole time! No big waves, no big swells, just big fish!

We jumped in from the back of the boat. One of the biologists was always ready with a camera to grab great pics for us so we could enjoy the snorkel without trying to snap pics at the same time! This was a major plus, and totally made buying the USB worth it!

You'll see a lot of greens, yellows, and beiges in the photos, and for the most part, the reef stayed within these colors. However, everywhere you looked, there were pops of bright blue, bright purple, pink, and red as well! Here's some coral that was purple!

And then, the best thing happened! This turtle swam by! I got to follow along above him for about 5 minutes, and Dela got even closer. I'm so excited that our camera guy got these cool pics of him! And yes, these are not stock photos--this is the actual turtle we saw!

We also saw Nemo! We saw a few spots with Nemos, but here's a good shot of him!

Again, I remind you, these are NOT stock photos!

Here is the Sea Cucumber that they brought up and let us touch. He was all weird and spiky and bouncy. eek!

This guy was also floating around...whadup.

Just in case you thought I was kidding about the whole being there thing, here's some proof! Dela and I snorkeling and diving down a bit!

 I was always so surprised how many fish there were all around us!

Giant clam!

All right, those are some highlights. There are tons more pics if anyone wants to see them! What a perfect day!

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