Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Kickin' It Kiwi: Day 12: Picton and Wellington

So after a glorious couple of days of saying "I never want to leave!" we left Nelson. With our little car loaded to the max, Slou, Runa, and I headed to Picton to catch the Interislander ferry for a couple travel days. Runa was our new friend from the Nelson hostel who had asked for a ride. She was from Denmark, had been educated in London, and was working on a horse farm on the North island. She'd hitch-hiked to Nelson to meet some friends, but due to an unimportant series of events, she was ready to head home a few days early. Luckily, she was sane and petite, so we agreed to give her a ride (we figured that if she tried to murder us, we could take her fairly easily). Also, we liked her because she taught how to pronounce things and thought we were hilarious (which, let's face it, we are!). 

In Picton, we had brunch and then boarded the ferry. The boat was really nice, although I could have done with more air circulation on the enclosed deck. I napped unsuccessfully and Slou tried to get the broken wifi to work the whole time. We were all ready to get off after the three hours were up. Here's the view of Picton from the lookout just outside the town!

We dropped Runa off at the train station in Wellington (bye, Runa!) and made our way to our hostel, where a Finnish girl stole Slou's bed that she had already claimed. Harrumph. Slou and I walked around town just a bit, grabbed some weird tasting burgers, and then went to a movie (Joy--it was good!). 

Neither of us are too interested in seeing the cities, and after a long day of travel, we were happy to take a night off and let Hollywood do the entertaining. The next morning, we left Wellington and headed north to Rotorua, where the real fun started once more! Wellington seems like a great town with lots of energy, so I'll have to spend some more time there during another trip. 


  1. So, essentially, you picked up a hitch hiker. ELIZABETH MCLANE THERE ARE ENOUGH THINGS DOWN THERE TO KILL YOU

  2. Trel, relax. Hitchhiking in New Zealand is totally kosher and acceptable. I never had the guts to do it, but I met tons of people who did without hesitation.
    Wellington is cool but also wasn't my favorite place, but everyone I talked to RAVED about it! I couldn't understand, I went on a little tram thing to the top of a hill and got a nice view, and walked around downtown but all in all, it didn't leave much of an impression. The drive to rotorua was WAY prettier! Did you see Mount Doom and all the other beautiful mountains in Tongariro National Park near Taupo?? Loved that area!! I went sailing on Lake Taupo!!