Monday, September 22, 2014

The Big Bang Theory of Friends

Tonight is the season premier of The Big Bang Theory. And therefore the return of my favorite sitcom, Friends.

If you grew up with Friends, then it's no doubt you still find reasons to quote it throughout the day. Sadly, Friends ended ten years ago. But don't fret--because it's made a secret comeback, and you've been enjoying it every week on CBS.

Friends has come back as The Big Bang Theory, and here's the proof*:

1. The Cheeto.

PennyCheeto on Make A Gif
"Penny, you've got Cheetos in your hair."

Joey Cheeto on Make A Gif
"You got a Cheeto on your face, man."

2. Giving up your beliefs.

PsychicLeonard on Make A Gif
"Okay, let's go see your psychic."

RossEvolution on Make A Gif
"There might be...a teeny...tiny...possibility..."

3. Giving birth and kidney stones.

BabyKidney on Make A Gif
"I never told you about my brother's kidney stone. Do you want to hear everything that comes out of my family's genitals?"

"Kidney stones!"

4. Vegas.

PennyVegas on Make A Gif
"We had one of those silly, fake weddings."

"What's the big deal, y'know? It's not like it's a real marriage... If you get married in Vegas, you're only married in Vegas."

5. The throw-down.

(Couldn't find a gif for this one, so, enjoy the script!):

Leonard: Hey, pal. You didn’t see me telling Kevin that you thought cold wars were only fought in winter.
Penny: Okay. Then I’ll return the favour, and I won’t tell…
Laura: Laura.
Penny: Laura that half the dirty movies you own are animated.
Leonard: When you were telling Kevin about your acting career, did you mention your long-running role as "Waitress" in a local production of The Cheesecake Factory?
Penny: Did you tell her about your lucky asthma inhaler?
Leonard: Oh, yeah? Spell asthma.
Penny: A… S… Take me home.
Leonard: Maybe I’m not done hanging out with… (Laura has gone) You’re right, it’s getting late.

                                     RossJoeyKristan on Make A Gif
Joey: "Where do you think we lost her?" 
Ross: "Probably around Gonorrhea."

6. Rock, Paper, Scissor.

RockPaperSpock on Make A Gif
"Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock!"

FireWaterballoon on Make A Gif
Joey: "Fire, it beats everything."
Phoebe: "Oh yeah, does it beat water balloon?"

7. The messy apartment.

PennyMess on Make A Gif
"This is chaos!"

                                       RossMessy on Make A Gif

8. Glue.

(Again, couldn't find the gif):

Ross (to Monica): "You can't go. You're the glue that holds this group together."

Sheldon (to Amy): They can't function without me. I'm the social glue that holds this little group together.

9. The weird beauty skill.

PennyFeet on Make A Gif
"See? With the grain."

                                       Eyebrows on Make A Gif
"Aaaaand, done."


10. Quiet down

PennyQuiet on Make A Gif
"Fellas, please..."

                                    RossQuiet on Make A Gif
"Uhh, fellas..."

Now, can someone tell me how to get this on Buzzfeed?

*It took me HOURS to find and create all these gifs. So, make sure you leave me a comment complimenting my skillz.


  1. I WILL compliment your skills, because I know for a fact that locating gifs can take a very long time. And as a huge Friends fan ( which I know you know), I think maybe you're on to something! Also, Friends is the best show ever. The end.