Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Literally (did not) Flip a Shit

"It literally blew my mind."

"He literally flew over to her."

"She is literally larger than life."

"I am literally going to die from this homework!'

"I literally flipped a shit."


I hope you brain is in bits across the sidewalk, 'cause if not, you're doing it wrong.

I hope he's on an airplane, 'cause if not, he needs to tell scientists how he did it, asap!

How big is life?

I hope your homework is beginner's alligator wrestling, 'cause if not, you're being dramatic.

I hope your washed your hands before serving me my fries.


Never walk away from a conversation thinking you did it justice. Millions of words are misused each day. Our vernacular allows us to interpret meaning based on the social acceptability of  Opposite Day phrases. Sarcasm was created by saying exactly the opposite of what we mean. But in it's wake, it's left a trail of misused words, and we rarely notice anymore. Listen to the next conversation you have. Or, if you're not ready to analyze yourself, listen to those around you--in the office, at school, in line at Orange Leaf ("OMG I've literally been dying to try this new banana-pudding flavor!").

Then ask yourself, what can you do to save the misused words? They need your help. Literally.

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