Monday, March 25, 2013

Let's get one thing straight. I am not a writer.

I am not a writer.

I never have been.  I used the five-paragraph formula to write papers from the moment I learned it in sixth grade to the moment I graduated high school. I purposely majored not in English so I could avoid writing papers. The fact that my French major snuck into being a linguistically challenged English degree was as much of a surprise to me as the lack of toilet seats in the country itself was to my backside.

At first I was like:
But then I was like:

I'm over it.

Even after college I found myself in a job where I didn't really have to write. Sure I created editorial notes and summarized some plots, but I wasn't, ya know, writing.  

Nevertheless, if you ask my dad, I'm a writer. He read a college application essay I wrote one night after a brilliant burst of inspiration and decided I was the next Charlotte Bronte (does he know who that is?). I'm not too sure I agree with him still, but I suppose each of us is entitled to our own opinions.

This blog is a chance for me to do something. Let's face it, when life gets a little boring, one can either watch a lot of Law and Order and HGTV, or one can find something productive to do with her time.

I have no idea what I'll blog about, how often it'll happen, who will read it, or whether or not it will end when I finally reach my life's goal of acquiring a puppy. However, I can make some guesses as to its contents. Here are things I'm interested in:

-Language: including linguistically theories, grad school possibilities, word choices, and spelling. (Have you played the iPhone game Spell Tower? I just discovered it yesterday and am now contemplating spending $1.99 to purchase it. This is big because I've never bought an app in my life. Unless Justin Little A downloaded one without my knowledge and Lianh the Ninja provided my password to him, which is more likely than not.)
-Parenting ideas: (I have no children, nor do I plan on having any anytime soon). We can learn a lot about personal behaviors based on good child-rearing tactics.
-Dog training: Having a dog is the top of my goal list. And when I do, it'll be the most well trained dog that has ever existed.
-Interesting (or not) thoughts: Let's face it, I think about some pretty interesting ideas throughout the day. You can be a part of those ideas.
-Food: because what blog isn't complete without the best cake/pie/stuffed chicken/lasagna discussion?

So let's recap: I'm not a writer. But I'll be writing, because, ya know, it's kinda fun now that I'm not being graded.

Here goes!

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